Tuesday, April 16, 2013


        Okay, so the last post was a little dramatic.  I just read it again, and it might of made me sound a little crazy/ depressed.  I want to make it clear... I'm not.  I was just upset, but I'm over the things that got me sad, so I can move on now :)  My sports are going good and I think I have been eating healthier, so there you go, I am continuing my list.  One thing that's weird is I've been so busy that I haven't watched that much TV  and because of that I have actually lost interest in a lot of shows.  Its weird, when you have a lot of time you get more invested in certain things, but when you don't have that much time, I guess you realize that they aren't important.  Huh, who would have guessed it?  Currently, however, I am stalling from packing for a mini vacation, and I'm watching some documentary on OWN.   It's kind of weird.  Oh well, I guess I should go pack :)